About us

You only get a single chance to make a great first impression. Light switch international agency is a unique partner of a kind. We are dedicated to ‘digitize your world” by expanding your online presence for your products and services. We help you cement meaningful personal connections with each of your web visitor, employee or customer. We design simple solutions for superior user experiences that ensures your needs are sufficiently met. We offer you modern systems and software development services using current programming and coding languages. All designs are user friendly, compatible among various technologies and browsers and are highly responsive across different devices.

Light Switch agency is a custom software development, website design and digital marketing agency. Based in Nairobi, Kenya and with many clients globally, Light switch agency was established and incorporated in 2015. Our team of 11 permanent employees are academically qualified with relevant and rich experience.

Our values were thought of with you in mind. We aspire to treat you as our trusted partner through dedicated support throughout our engagement period. We uptake security and safety very intimate to safeguard you against possibilities of online frauds, theft, cyber-attacks and other potential risks which can possibly harm your website, web application, customer data and network infrastructure. All of your solutions are intuitive and designed for simple user interfaces and a superior user experiences. To ensure this we use the most current programming and coding languages. As listening and caring partners we are flexible and incorporate your suggestions and feedback throughout the project period.

We offer you a range of services that help you make deeper, personalized connections with your existing and target audiences. We seek to improve your brand awareness and outreach for better commercial results and operational efficiency through a range of services and solutions in Custom Software Development, Website design & hosting, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design and developing digital strategies among other services.

Why us At Lightswitch International Agency, we don’t just design websites, mobile Apps or assist you in branding and marketing. We go the extra miles to become partners in developing solutions that are simple but deliver superior user experiences and sufficiently meet your needs and requirements. We ensure this through our unique values and engaging approach. Our values • Dedicated Support Lightswitch International Agency is your dedicated listening and caring partner in broadening your online presence for your products and services. We listen to understand all your needs from idea conceptualization, development and after launch maintenance support. You get a dependable, reliable and professional support 24/7 in your journey to ensure best solutions in each step. • Security & Safety We understand security and safety for your web visitors, customers’ data, site and hardware comes first. Apart from securing your sites and apps Via HTTPS we offer other safety and security packages to minimize possibilities of Online frauds, theft, cyberattacks and other potential risks which can possibly harm your website, web application, customer data and network infrastructure • Intuitive We employ the latest development services, current programming and coding languages for superior and responsive designs for simple user interfaces (UI) and superior user experiences (UX). • Flexible Our end to end services from concept to post launch maintenance incorporates your suggestions and feedback. We work to fulfil your satisfaction with less cost and time implications in creative, innovative ways